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Breeding stock is purchased from the finest bloodline stock in the United States, are pure bred, and are housed separately. Many years of experience and a significant investment has helped to produce show quality birds, rare and extremely rare chicken breeds; none of the birds are hatchery stock. All chicks are hatched and raised on the premises. Strict bio-security practices are enforced with all chickens.

The only birds sold as pullets and cockerels are the Crested Cream Legbars because they are an auto-sexing bird. Male chicks will have a white spot behind their heads and female chicks will have well-defined "chipmunk" stripes on their face and on their backs. Otherwise, the baby chicks are sold as straight run "as hatched"; we do not determine if they are pullets or cockerels. Baby chicks are available as pick-up only in Windom, Honey Grove, or Ladonia, TX. NO LIVE BIRDS ARE SHIPPED; there are no exceptions.

Hatching eggs can be shipped for an additional shipping fee of $10.00 or $15.00 per dozen, depending on destination.

Chicks can be hatched per customer requests for breed, number of each different breed, and desired date for delivery or pickup. However, there is a minimum order of 5 required for baby chicks and hatching period is 3 weeks. Incubator is normally set on Thursdays.

Check out the different breeds in our stock of chickens listed below. All chicken breeds are Large Fowl. There are no Bantams.

Please call or email with any additional questions or to receive information. Our customer's satisfaction is important to us and we look forward to speaking with you. Thanks for checking us out.

Orders are now being accepted. Call or email for more information on how to place an order. We look forward to assisting you with an order today.