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Picture of Dam Grecia

Dam Grecia

We are happy to announce Grecia's puppies are all in new homes with their new family.

Dam Grecia Von Shadowridge had 10 AKC registered German Shepherd puppies. The pictures of some of the puppies are below.

Sire Maximus Vom Haus is a Dark Sable weighing 102 pounds and his sire's sire was titled FEMA 1 (advanced certification) US&R K9.  Dam Grecia is a Black/Red female who weighs 75 pounds. The blood lines for each Sire and Dam can be found by clicking on their respective AKC numbers, which are hyperlinks to the Pedigree Database Website where 7 generation long pedigree information is listed for each dog.

The puppies excel at being a family pet, companion, protection animal, working dog, or show dog.

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Dam Grecia Von Shadowridge

Image of Dam Grecia

Sire Maximus Vom Haus

Image of Sire Maximus