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      Dam Abby Von Grecia had 7 AKC registered German Shepherd puppies, which have all gone to their new home. The pictures of the puppies are shown below with information below each picture listing their name, coloring, and sex. The puppies excel at being a family pet, companion, protection animal, working dog, or show dog.

      Sire Kasimir Vom Haus Rentz Alt-Ostland is a large solid black male who stands 26 inches tall and weighs over 100 pounds. His sire's dam is a direct Belgium import and his dam's sire and dam are both 100% DDR lines, and NATL and UKC Champions. His sire's sire is a CZECH champion import, Brongo Fron Fighter. You can view a video of him on YouTube at the following address:
      Dam Abby Von Grecia is a black and red female who stands approximately 24 inches tall and weighs around 75 pounds. She has West German (SZ) and East German (DDR) Champion working lines.
      The blood lines for each Sire and Dam can be found by clicking on their respective AKC numbers, which are hyperlinks to the Pedigree Database Website where 7 generation long pedigree information is listed for each dog.

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Image of Dam Abby

Dam Abby
Von Grecia

Image of Sire Kasimir

Sire Kasimir Vom Haus
Rentz Alt-Ostland